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Yesterday morning, Zhang Dong will pick up the packages and documents to the police. Southern Reporter Southern Zhangpeng She

News reporter Zhangpeng Tian Ling Ling of Chinese, he was a graate looking for work, documents stolen, angry scavengers; he is diligent picking up trash, pick up packages will also owner, was grateful and misunderstood; he likes to buy lottery tickets, hotel accommodation has been the prize in January 2000. This person is homeless, Dongguan Zhang Dong (a pseudonym). 23 this month, he picked up in front of a mall Guancheng Ms. Rainbow package, so the owner did not wait for three days. Yesterday morning, at a press conference with the help of Zhang Dong the package to the police.
picking up litter more than four years

in the homeless population, Zhang Dong regarded as a very young one. Fujian Nanping Dong is one. 4 years ago, Zhang Dong Department of Chinese from Fujian Radio and TV University graate, proud of his success to find work around. He has been to Hainan, visited Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, and finally to find a job in Dongguan, in the process of looking for work, graation certificates and ID cards unfortunately stolen. He was very frustrated, very angry, feeling no face back home, they huff and picked up the garbage in Dongguan,p57 hoodia, has now been more than four years. Zhang Dong very hard every day picking up trash from 9 am start until 0:00. Some time ago, the weather was cool, extremely cold, Zhang Dong is still out picking up trash, he was very proud to tell reporters, / p>
not the same as with the other Rangers, Zhang Dong often buy lottery tickets, each color ball must be at least 4 to buy dollars, 3D in the East to buy 2,000 dollars, he had wanted to use the money to buy a tricycle waste collection, but that he would not come, the money to the hotel for a month, over a month, Thin black parents see him, ask him how the case, he lied, his work on the site. Wan back again, he did not talk to family contact.

1 月 23 evening, Zhang Dong picking up trash in front of Rainbow Department Store, we found that there is a female trash bag, there are books, identity cards and social security card,lida daidaihua, there is a new ladies coat . Worried owner anxious, Zhang Dong has been on the roadside, etc.,hello kitty iphone cases, but for a so three days, but did not wait for the owner. Yesterday morning, the reporter contacted to help the police, Zhang Dong seized the package and usually some of the documents also be given to the police. Why do not they call the police? He said the alarm is not always useful.
Zhang Dong said that the process of picking up litter, often pick up packages, most of them are thrown away after the theft was small, but the documents are still there, if there are business cards or contact details, will have to play call me the owner to receive. Some owner will be grateful to him, give him money. But there are also the owner did not believe him, that he is a bad guy like extortion. Zhang Dong said, no matter how people say they will insist on doing good. In the newspaper some time ago in charitable organizations, Zhang Dong has received a quilt. Zhang Dong said that this quilt made him feel the warmth of Dongguan, and let chaos before him, has been relatively slow clear-minded. He said he would thank the good people that he would insist on doing good.